Everyone liked how the day was run in small groups because if we worked in a big group everyone will be talking at once and it would be too much to take in. We also liked the way how we put our comments on post-it notes and shared our ideas to feed back to the big group.
Frances Affleck
Employment Project Worker

Adrian worked with LancasterHoward Limited on a national research project examining the barriers to employment experienced by disabled people in the Lifelong Learning Sector. As part of this project, he planned and facilitated a focus group of fifteen disabled people to find out about their experiences and views of employment.
The session was well planned and designed, using a range of activities and techniques to engage the focus group participants. The activities focussed closely on the relevant issues and maintained participant interest levels well.
The resulting findings, presented in both summary and accessible formats, formed a significant part of the final project report examining the experiences of disabled people outside the Lifelong Learning sector. Also, the participatory approaches used by Adrian were highly regarded by the focus group participants as evidenced through the positive session feedback we received.
Annette Howard
LancasterHoward Limited

 "Adrian worked with the staff at the Adventure Playground to develop a way of involving young people with disabilities in the recruitment process for our Director. He supported a young man with a learning disability, who uses our facilities, to be actively involved in the interview process for this post. This was an exciting initiative, one which empowered both the young man and his peers, who saw him included in an important decision-making process."
Hannah Dean
Service Manager
North Staffs Special Adventure Playground

 Adrian has played an important part in our evaluation process.  He has approached this with honesty and integrity.  He has a keen enquiring mind that brings out the human element of the evaluation and consultation process.
Iain Perry
Programme Coordinator
Partners in Creative Learning

Adrian is part of the team running the Making a Difference in Your Community programme of courses with the Creative Communities Unit. I brought the team together and asked Adrian to work with me because of his commitment to inclusion and engagement and his high level of organisational and communication skills. Adrian and a colleague developed the new Speaking Up course, for people who want to be involved in their community. It equips them to influence decisions and become active citizens. He is dealing with a range of difficult and sensitive issues and supporting very diverse participants, many of whom do not have formal qualifications. He deals calmly and positively with the practical challenges the course poses.
The team was recently recognised in the Learn More Awards in North Staffordshire, for their outstanding skills and experience and for supporting local residents to get confidence, understanding and skills to speak up on local issues, and take the lead in their community.”

Penny Vincent

Senior Lecturer - Civic Engagement and Regeneration
Creative Communities Unit

Staffordshire University